9 October 2014

Lifes Little Luxuries

" I am not producing pills to cure people, so feel that the whole process should be slightly joyful"                                                                                                                  Christian Louboutin

The Beauty Industry is all about treating ourselves to that "little something", whether it be a new shade lipstick, the latest fragrance or a trip to the salon for a facial or a new hair do!

We all get that sense of self reward when we pick these little gems off the shelves, however the feeling of being spoilt goes way beyond this with the new Nail Polish range from shoe designer icon, Christian Louboutin

Calling this product just a Nail Polish does not even come close to the recognition it deserves - This is a masterpiece in makeup, a capsule of creativity in cosmetics, the piece de resistance in packaging - this is a work of Art!!

The 13ml of shiny lacquer is imprisoned in a cube of faceted crystal claims to deliver in 2 coats, the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, and this product doesn't stop there - it delicately sits in a patent leather effect presentation box, but the true hero of this gem is the brush.

Inspired by the tallest heel Louboutin ever created - the 8 inch heel of the "Ballerina Ultima", this invites women to take their time whilst painting their nails and enjoy the luxurious experience.

Nude, Pop & Noir Collections available at Selfridges £36 (Shade shown - Just Nothing)

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