27 July 2015

Tanning - The Best Tried & Tested

With the sunshine having appeared to take its own little summer holiday away from the UK, its time to reach for the tan in a tube to keep our bodies bronzed and beautiful!

 Here are 3 of the Top Tanning products out there to keep your tan topped up and your skin looking sun-kissed!

St Tropez Gradual Tan - In the Shower

A new concept from St Tropez - Tanning in the Shower! With an easy application that allows you to apply to wet skin whilst in the shower and after just 3 minutes, rinse off and dry! The results of this product are very subtle, so great for topping up an existing tan or to add a natural glow to paler skin, giving you the flexibility to build your tan to the desired colour.

One of the best qualities of this product is the smell - with sweet almond oil as a key ingredient, there is not a single hint of the biscuit smell which can be found in many other tanning products - This also leaves the skin super soft and smelling great!

Available at Boots St Tropez at Boots where its currently on Promotion offering a £5 saving off the RRP of £14.50!

(Promotional details available at time of publishing)

Garnier Summer Body (Available in Light & Deep shades)

One area that I've found troublesome to tan is the legs - a lot of products don't seem to take as well on the legs as they do other body parts; however an exception to this is Garnier Summer Body. Available in 2 different shades, light & deep, this gradual tanning moisturising lotion gives your pins a natural looking glow after just one use! In the more traditional format of application, this product is a moisturiser which you apply on to dry skin and allow to develop, allowing you to repeat and build to the depth of tan required.

Including extracts of Apricot, Garnier Summer Body smells fresh and summery, although does have a very slight hint of the biscuit aroma by the end of the day - However the effectiveness and colour achieved through this product is worth it!

Available at Boots Garnier Summer Body at Boots

Lancaster Self Tanning Melting Delight Sublime Intense Glow

For me, this products is the Holy Grail of tanning! It ticks all the boxes you would want in a tanning product!

As the name indicates, this product really is a melting delight! Like caramel in consistency and colour -  its easy and smooth to apply and is visible, allowing you to have a mistake free application across both face and body!

Applying on to dry, clean skin, the product is then free to be dressed after a few minutes allowing you to continue your day as normal - alternatively you can apply before you go to bed and allow an over night development; which I find is best!

The results of this product are flawless - a great even, natural looking healthy glow which somehow even manages to disguise any pimples and skin imperfections effortlessly - A true treasure in tanning!

Available at Debenhams Lancaster at Debenhams

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